Sunday, November 2, 2008

TF Story Idea

While I learn more and more about Tfs and other things, i get more and more ideas. My most recent idea was one for a Transformers story. So, the past week every idea I get I write down in a notebook of mine and sort threw it every now and then. This is what I have so far.....



Vector Prime is the leader of a group of Autobots sent out to steal space bridge plans. He has many characteristics as G1 Optimus along with some of Vector Prime's from cybertron personality. His troops include his 2nd in command Mirage who is like a mix of G1 Prowl and Mirage personality, Irohide who is like a younger G1 verson of himself, Hotshot who is like an Irish version of BeastWars Rattrap always cracking a joke, Orion Pax who will mainly be like a young troop with Armada Optimus's personality and also constinly talkking about his "girl" back on cybertron Ariel, and Dion who is a friend if Pax and ends up dieing leaving Pax wanting revenge.


Dirge is head of a group of mining Decepticons who where sent to the planet to mine for raw energy sources. Among the higher ranks of his men are Reflector who is very loyal to Megatron but doesn't really like Dirge leading.

I'm still working on the Decepticons but I may use a custom character of Mine called Infiltrator.


The theme is like a futuristic WWII in the sorts of the Autobots acting like human troops in a war.

I hope its a good idea and I'll be adding on to it the more I think about it.

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