Thursday, November 6, 2008

School Is Just Meh

Well, as I set here thinking about random things I realized school was okay today. At the bus stop this morning it was funny because a friend of mine was swearing up and down he saw a ghost the other night, was really funny. Math was also good now that I get to school on time. I was able to almost master dividing polynomials. My advisement was kinda lame, so I ended up going to the library. I looked around, found a Star Wars cookbook that was funny as heck, and ended up checking out two books. One book being X-Men v. Apocalypse, and the other being Armageddon( a WWII book.) Of course Armageddon if for research so I can base my TF story more WWII like. After that I had Biology , which for the most part was good (I like science) ,but damn is it some time boring. 3rd block was Business Essentials, was kinda suck because I didn't get much work done with a headache. I always like 4th block, American Gov't, because i have Isabella, Weatherly, Deborah, Kayla, and Jessi in that class. Not to mention I got a 100 on the vocab test we had today. The bus ride home was nothing much, just a lot of yelling.

So yep, School is indeed meh.

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