Tuesday, November 18, 2008

General Tuesday

Today Was okay I guess, I did however start the day off iffy. I woke up late, around 6:15, and that's the time I usually leave to go to the post stop up the hill. So I woke up, very quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth, got dressed, and then left to the bus stop. I did catch the bus, as it usually comes at 6:55. Math was my first block today. It was good for the most part, i ended up staying a little longer to finish my test. Advisement was nothing but the most odd conversation as it always is. Second block (Biology) sucked today because we did nothing but read. Third block was a bit better, we had a sub and a little bit of bookwork, but I did get it done with help from Isabella. Fourth block could have been way better, but people were talking to much and to loud so we ended up taking notes and doing more bookwork. The bus ride home was meh. I only had a little bit of homework and that was in American Gov't. But other then that it has been an okay day. We had Pizza for supper and Ice Cream things for desert. I

I will most likely be doing an Update blog on my story some time this week.

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