Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Story Update - Secondary Characters

Well, as for an update on my story, I have picked out 6 secondary characters

With Vecor Prime on another planet, Prowl and Ratchet have been but in charge of the Autobots on Earth. Also, Back on cyberton is Pax's 'Girl Friend", Ariel. Pax talks about Ariel often during their mission as the "girl back home".

Megatron is still on earth having to deal with the two autobots left in charge, this not being good because both of the Autobots have outwitted him many times before and continue to do so. As always, Starscream is trying to over through Megatron, so he remains on earth. Shockwave is , as in G1, head on the Decepticons on Cybertron. Shockwave is doing fairly well, only a few Autobots cross the barrier the Decepticons has set up dividing the planet Cybertron itself.

I hope you guys are liking what i have so far.

Tim aka AutobotMurder

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