Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, November 7th 2008

Well, Today was an okay day. Not much to complain about other then the dumb arses still trying to talk politics when they know nothing. I had two tests today too and a fell good about the both of them. One test was over Word 2007 in Computer Apps. and the other was Genetics in Biology. 4th block was cool today too, talked the the usual people aside from Deborah. But i did talk to Christian today for once about nothing Math related, Haha. I did end up turning back in the X-men book I got yesterday and Check out a book about the Berlin Wall to further help me with my story. Also my friend Kayla got her driver permit the other day, I have to wait till after 1st semester!, NO FAIR! But, that pretty much sums my day up.

Might do a video later,
Tim aka AutobotMurder

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