Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scrapper and Demolishor Join! - TF Story Update

YAY! Two more Decepticons have joined the crew!

So I am adding Scrapper and Demolishor to the story.

Under Dirge's command, Scrapper is the head of mining in a shaft not to far outside of the Decepticon base on the planet. With Dirge keeping a close eye on him he has little time to do want he wants, build. But he does not build, he mines and he supervises. Scrapper's personality is that of a true Decepticon, he would love nothing more then to bash in Vector Primes head along with the rest of the Autobots. But he does know that without Megatron leading the Decepticons that would never happen, so he stays very loyal. Demolishor is Head of the defense team guarding the Decepticon file rule where many plan and blueprints are stored. Demolishor if a Hotheaded egotistical idiot that has more fire power then he needs. Yet Megatron and Dirge like the fact that they can keep him under control and he'll do anything requested of him.

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