Tuesday, November 18, 2008

General Tuesday

Today Was okay I guess, I did however start the day off iffy. I woke up late, around 6:15, and that's the time I usually leave to go to the post stop up the hill. So I woke up, very quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth, got dressed, and then left to the bus stop. I did catch the bus, as it usually comes at 6:55. Math was my first block today. It was good for the most part, i ended up staying a little longer to finish my test. Advisement was nothing but the most odd conversation as it always is. Second block (Biology) sucked today because we did nothing but read. Third block was a bit better, we had a sub and a little bit of bookwork, but I did get it done with help from Isabella. Fourth block could have been way better, but people were talking to much and to loud so we ended up taking notes and doing more bookwork. The bus ride home was meh. I only had a little bit of homework and that was in American Gov't. But other then that it has been an okay day. We had Pizza for supper and Ice Cream things for desert. I

I will most likely be doing an Update blog on my story some time this week.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week Summary

Its was a very slow, long, and boring day.
F*cking Tuesdays.....
Was a pretty good day, talked to my friends allot. My friend Deborah broke her foot walking to the crack house in the woods by tripping over a vine, I came to find out..... Muahahahahahahaah.
Okay, I'd rather not think about the suckage that was Thursday.
Okay. Same old same old.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scrapper and Demolishor Join! - TF Story Update

YAY! Two more Decepticons have joined the crew!

So I am adding Scrapper and Demolishor to the story.

Under Dirge's command, Scrapper is the head of mining in a shaft not to far outside of the Decepticon base on the planet. With Dirge keeping a close eye on him he has little time to do want he wants, build. But he does not build, he mines and he supervises. Scrapper's personality is that of a true Decepticon, he would love nothing more then to bash in Vector Primes head along with the rest of the Autobots. But he does know that without Megatron leading the Decepticons that would never happen, so he stays very loyal. Demolishor is Head of the defense team guarding the Decepticon file rule where many plan and blueprints are stored. Demolishor if a Hotheaded egotistical idiot that has more fire power then he needs. Yet Megatron and Dirge like the fact that they can keep him under control and he'll do anything requested of him.


Well, it is Saturday and like every other Saturday I plan to do nothing. Just sit here at the computer and listen to music, maybe watch some videos. I have been thinking on my story a little more and will be doing an update post later, but just know that there might be two new Decepticons joining the crew. I guess there is one thing a have planed and thats to research cybertron and its cities more as well as talk to my friends in the UK to learn some British slur words and such.

Friday, November 7, 2008

" Kalis Wall " - TF Story Update

As mentioned in my past blog, I got a book about the Berlin Wall. After I feel i know what i need to know I will be writing in a Berlin Wall into my TF story. I looked around on Teletraan 1 , researching cybertronian cities , I found the city perfect for my own Berlin Wall. The city is Kalis. Teletraan says its like a dead battlefield of the sorts, destroyed and ground polluted with dead cybertronians from the beging of the Great War. I will also be placing Ariel ( Pax's GF ) on the Autobot side of the wall in this city.

I like the way this is shaping up to be.

Friday, November 7th 2008

Well, Today was an okay day. Not much to complain about other then the dumb arses still trying to talk politics when they know nothing. I had two tests today too and a fell good about the both of them. One test was over Word 2007 in Computer Apps. and the other was Genetics in Biology. 4th block was cool today too, talked the the usual people aside from Deborah. But i did talk to Christian today for once about nothing Math related, Haha. I did end up turning back in the X-men book I got yesterday and Check out a book about the Berlin Wall to further help me with my story. Also my friend Kayla got her driver permit the other day, I have to wait till after 1st semester!, NO FAIR! But, that pretty much sums my day up.

Might do a video later,
Tim aka AutobotMurder

Thursday, November 6, 2008

School Is Just Meh

Well, as I set here thinking about random things I realized school was okay today. At the bus stop this morning it was funny because a friend of mine was swearing up and down he saw a ghost the other night, was really funny. Math was also good now that I get to school on time. I was able to almost master dividing polynomials. My advisement was kinda lame, so I ended up going to the library. I looked around, found a Star Wars cookbook that was funny as heck, and ended up checking out two books. One book being X-Men v. Apocalypse, and the other being Armageddon( a WWII book.) Of course Armageddon if for research so I can base my TF story more WWII like. After that I had Biology , which for the most part was good (I like science) ,but damn is it some time boring. 3rd block was Business Essentials, was kinda suck because I didn't get much work done with a headache. I always like 4th block, American Gov't, because i have Isabella, Weatherly, Deborah, Kayla, and Jessi in that class. Not to mention I got a 100 on the vocab test we had today. The bus ride home was nothing much, just a lot of yelling.

So yep, School is indeed meh.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Story Update - Secondary Characters

Well, as for an update on my story, I have picked out 6 secondary characters

With Vecor Prime on another planet, Prowl and Ratchet have been but in charge of the Autobots on Earth. Also, Back on cyberton is Pax's 'Girl Friend", Ariel. Pax talks about Ariel often during their mission as the "girl back home".

Megatron is still on earth having to deal with the two autobots left in charge, this not being good because both of the Autobots have outwitted him many times before and continue to do so. As always, Starscream is trying to over through Megatron, so he remains on earth. Shockwave is , as in G1, head on the Decepticons on Cybertron. Shockwave is doing fairly well, only a few Autobots cross the barrier the Decepticons has set up dividing the planet Cybertron itself.

I hope you guys are liking what i have so far.

Tim aka AutobotMurder

Monday, November 3, 2008

Political Bullsh*t

Well, I got on the highschool bus today so i wouldn't miss half my first block and bring my grades up some too. Today there were a few people with stickers and buttons, and mainly them being Obama with a few McCain and Palin ones. So the most of the class was arguing opinions and such, really sucked because I hate people who argue over opinions for no other reason then to say their are better. Not to mention they argued the McCain not being able to raise his arms and Obama being black, gotta love the stupid.

If it couldn't have got worse, my school will be having a moch-election tomorrow, FUN! Also in last block today(Amer. Gov't.) people said they have been getting text messg. saying not to come to school if Obama doesn't win the election. Good thinking morons

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting to Know A Geek

1.Whats your first name?2.Where were you born?3.What kind or type of music do you listen to?4.What is or was your favorite school subject?5.Do you have a(any) pet(s)?6.Do you have any sybling?7.Do you have a specific skill?8.Whats your favorite food?*Extra, not in video*When were you born?

TF Story Idea

While I learn more and more about Tfs and other things, i get more and more ideas. My most recent idea was one for a Transformers story. So, the past week every idea I get I write down in a notebook of mine and sort threw it every now and then. This is what I have so far.....



Vector Prime is the leader of a group of Autobots sent out to steal space bridge plans. He has many characteristics as G1 Optimus along with some of Vector Prime's from cybertron personality. His troops include his 2nd in command Mirage who is like a mix of G1 Prowl and Mirage personality, Irohide who is like a younger G1 verson of himself, Hotshot who is like an Irish version of BeastWars Rattrap always cracking a joke, Orion Pax who will mainly be like a young troop with Armada Optimus's personality and also constinly talkking about his "girl" back on cybertron Ariel, and Dion who is a friend if Pax and ends up dieing leaving Pax wanting revenge.


Dirge is head of a group of mining Decepticons who where sent to the planet to mine for raw energy sources. Among the higher ranks of his men are Reflector who is very loyal to Megatron but doesn't really like Dirge leading.

I'm still working on the Decepticons but I may use a custom character of Mine called Infiltrator.


The theme is like a futuristic WWII in the sorts of the Autobots acting like human troops in a war.

I hope its a good idea and I'll be adding on to it the more I think about it.